Monday, October 16, 2017

Trouble Has No Necessary Connection with Discouragement

Hey family and friends!!!  I have handled my time terribly and literally only have about 1 minute to write this entire email. Luckily we can speak into our phones and it will type whatever we say for us! So that's really cool!

It was honestly a really rough week. Diana didn't end up getting baptized for a bunch of complicated family reasons. And really just everything else that happened this week was difficult to say the least. But that's okay because I realized that trouble has no necessary connection with discouragement. That's something that Elder Holland said in a talk. I know that when we don't let anything that the world does or anything that happens in our life drag us down or effect how we feel and how we think, we will literally be irrepressible. It will be impossible for us to be dragged down by Satan and his attempts to keep us away from celestial glory. And that is the whole point of the gospel, to help us discover that we can have that happiness and we can have it from the source that will never fail, which is, of course, Christ.

That is all I have time for! All will be well here. I learned simple faith this week. Just have simple faith. Nothing can change the fact that all things will work our for them that love and seek to obey God. I love you all! Stay strong in Christ! 

Byye ^-^

Elder Poulson

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  1. Beautiful! Love you Elder P! Thanks for the incredible example you have set! Aunt Lisa loves you! So do the other 7 in my house! XOXO xoxo