Monday, October 23, 2017

You Are Loved

Hey family and friends! I companion just laughed at me for writing that line because I'm saying this out loud. But that's okay! Because he's not going to be my companion for very much longer :-) 

That's right! Transfers are here. (DUN. DUN. DUUUUUUUNNNN!!!!) Aaaaand it is a crazy one! Elder Eldredge and I are splitting our area. He is going to be a district leader AND training (He is so stressed haha) and I will be with Elder Price!!! Now that is weird. That is weird because Elder Price has been in my district for the last 2 transfers! My district leader trained him. It should be really fun! We are going to be in downtown and a bit farther up, on bike! In 100 degree weather! #mountainstoclimb I am really just excited though. A LOT of potential in this area still, even half of it.

So I keep procrastinating writing my general email. It is kind of a problem. You would think that we smartphones a tease easier to get all of your emailing done, but when you are the driver and there is rules that you're companion needs to be able to see your scream, it is hard to get all of your emails off before sports with all the other missionaries. And then I get distracted because I'm a social butterfly. But I have gotten better speaking into phones because we have to put all of the records of our entire area for the last 20 years or more into the phone. So that has been quite an adventure.

We got to go to the temples visitors center with the familia Alvarez AND MontaƱez! It was a wonderful experience! I loved it, and so did they :) I have great hopes to help them enter into the temple to be sealed as an eternal family. Nothing could bring me more joy, except for the eternal duration of my own family. I love this work :)

I learned A LOT about self worth this week. I won't go into detail, but sufficeth to say that you are loved. "Just as a mother loves her child solely because he is her's, god loves you solely because you are HIS." Never forget that. President Uchtorf's and Sister Joy D. Jones said it perfectly in general conference. PLEASE go back and read those talks. They have truths we ALL need to understand. Remember WHO YOU ARE. A child of God, a loving Heavenly Father.

I love you all too. And I hope to one day understand God's love, and our saviors love, to the point where I can emulate it. And share it with others. Have a wonderful week. And find follow in the fact that you are HIS.

Elder Poulson

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