Monday, November 20, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Everyone,

So, we had a really great week!  Lots of growth, which is always the goal!  I learned to build my foundation in Christ.  I feel His power in my life.  True optimism is centered on Christ.  In the end, all joy comes from our Savior.  Rely on Him. He will love you home. 

“Remember faith” too, I tell myself that often now.  If your faith is greater than your obstacles, you can always pull through to the end with a smile! :)

We had an investigator at church, finally!  His name is George, I’ve mentioned him before.  He surprised us, and seemed to love it!  Really, church was just wonderful this week because there was love apparent between each member and missionary.  

I am grateful to be here on a mission.  I have had to learn to love it, but now I can say that I do.  So wherever God has put you, find His hand in it, and BE GRATEFUL!!!  

Happy Thanksgiving,

Elder P

Elder Bry & Elder Price

Bry's former companion, Elder Eldredge & his new compainon

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