Monday, November 27, 2017


Why hello! How are you all doing? Not too much time today, but here I am! ^-^

We had a good week. Learned a lot, of course. Helped a lot of people out. I have been making people cookies, so that is fun! I love service. Service makes a huge difference in the hearts of those we teach, as does the word of God. It really softens their hearts to the Gospel.

Thanksgiving was good. Two dinners, one had people that spoke in total 6 different languages in attendance, the other we managed to finally talk with the kids of our ward mission leader, they are all members but don't go to Church. We are hoping to reactivate them ^-^ We will see how it goes.

George came to church again! He seems to like it. We are having a hard time setting a time to teach him... he won't be back til Christmas break. But we are going to teach him more. I am determined ^-^ We have some good appointments today which is why this is short :P

I'm sure you've all heard of the light the world initiative. Well now take it to a new level! Post that video on social media. And then do EVERY DAY of It! With your families if all possible. I sure would do it with my family if I could... ^-^ I know that small acts of service changes lives. Who's life will you change this year?

We are praying to have a white Christmas here in Long Beach. I'm sure y'all in Utah will haha ^-^ But if I get someone to dress up in white and make a promise with Christ to serve him to the end, manifest in baptism, that will be a white enough Christmas for me. Purer than snow for sure ^-^

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Poulson

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