Monday, November 13, 2017


Gooood morning America! (I apologize to the few of you who are not in America: good morning to you too) How are you all doing? :D I am just chilling out here by the pool in my complex (BY the pool, not in it: no worries) and enjoying the sun ^-^ We had a good time this week. Let me tell you about It!

First of all, our investigators! So none of then came to church 

Sooo... Let me just rant for a second... at least every day this week, there was at least one person that saw us and just yelled "MORMONS!" and I just don't understand! Why!? I mean, if they were to say "hello mormons" or "hey mormons" or even something mean followed by "mormons", that would make logical sense. But they just see us, and it's like a dog with squirrels: MORMONS! If I see a random monk walking down the street (which is actually fairly frequent here), I don't just point at him and yell "MONK!" That would be weird!

Anyways, that is that. We put in some work this week, that is for sure. Biking all over this crazy city ^-^ We did get to ride in a car for one day when we had a member with us. That was actually really cool, because we found an investigator who dropped off the face of the planet the other day. This member is a returned missionary, and after he was super excited and shooting off ideas of how to help her. He then proceeded to receive revelation for her in Church! Really cool!

Last night, we stopped to pray to know where to go. We were in front of an apartment, and in the prayer I heard something and looked up to see a lady looking out the door. She quickly closed the door. So after, I kind of told her, "hey, sorry, you can come out now." She kind of peered out, and then out of nowhere just said, "Elder?" I suddenly realized I recognized her, and responded with, "hermana?" It was hermana Chavez, a member from my first ward in Ximeno! It turns out her mom lives in our area, but goes to Ximeno. So I guess that was where we were supposed to go! Haha :)

I enjoy being around people, I've found. I've noticed recently the importance of gratitude. Seeing as Thanksgiving is coming up, it is a pertinent topic ^-^ I love what our mission President shared with us: 

There seems to be an attitude associated with gratitude that requires that we think to thank. I can’t imagine the nine lepers being ungrateful to the Master for his act of mercy, but they failed to think to return and give the proper thanks. The tragedy of the story is that they missed the greater blessing of becoming whole, as was the case of the one leper who returned to give thanks. Perhaps that is why Elder James E. Faust said, “Our thanks are more than just courtesy toward God. Gratitude is a saving principle” (CR, April 1990). 

I realized not too long ago something that kind of startled me. In Spanish, the song "count your many blessings" would translate, in the last verse, to "count your many blessings, and then you will see how many blessings from Christ you have." To me, this time that we sung it, that meant something different to me. I realized an important principle: you can not be blessed by your blessings unless you are aware of and grateful for them. You will receive no blessings if you don't even realize they or there nor be grateful for them.

For instance, imagine a rich businessman. He has about every material blessing he could want. And yet how many rich businessmen tirelessly seek for more money, more power, more things? Why? Because they don't even recognize what have. They don't have gratitude for the blessing, so they don't receive the happiness that could come from it. Their lack of gratitude is to their own downfall.

Now that is just speaking of material things. What about us? We know of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have the opportunity to lay hold on every single spiritual and eternal blessing God has to offer us. As we follow the path our Heavenly Father has set before us, we receive great spiritual blessings and knowledge daily. But if we are not grateful for those blessings, we WILL NOT receive the wonderful joy, peace, spirit, and love that comes from those blessings. How well said it was, then, when Elder James E. Faust said, “Our thanks are more than just courtesy toward God. Gratitude is a saving principle” To be saved, we must be grateful.

So take a look around in your life. Push away negativity, and be GRATEFUL for what you have been blessed with. Be grateful for a place to live, for a family to love, and for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to follow. And be grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ, in which we will all be saved, and in which we can change daily and find confidence, joy, and peace. Be grateful, and you will be happy. I truly believe that ^-^

Well that is my 200 cents for the day, haha :) I hope you all have a great(ful) week! I would love to hear from any and all of you! Just click here bryan.poulson@myldsmail.net and shoot me something if you would like! Even a couple sentences would be great. I just like to hear from you ^-^ Take care!

Elder Poulson out

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