Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!! :D

Merry Christmas everybody!!!

All of my write home energy went to talking to my family over Skype (SUCH AN AMAZING CHRISTMAS GIFT!) so this will be brief.

Christmas was wonderful, it was a p day so that made it very fun :) We got to go give gifts to several investigators last night, which was splendid ^-^

Did you know you can build YOURSELF in Christ? It is quite spectacular. It happens when you shift your view of yourself from what it currently is to how Christ sees you. He sees you for the good in you. He sees you as His. And He loves you :) Seek to understand who he is, who you are, and how it all lines up.

Love you all! Bye!
Elder Poulson

It really was the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT to skype with Elder Bry!!  He looks so awesome and is happier than ever!  We got to talk to his greenie and Elder Eldredge (his last comp).  
We loved every single minute!!  

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