Monday, December 11, 2017

Training + British Seventy = AWESOME!!! :D

Hello family and friends!

I am writing this from a computer today... That feels weird now, I am so used to typing on a phone now. This is a lot better though ^-^ I hope you are all doing spectacular this Christmas season! Lighting the world and such always seems to cheer me up :)
This week was crazy and long but great! I'm typing this a day late because we had the wonderful opportunity to have a zone conference with Elder Patrick Kearon of the Seventy! :D Beautiful accent, even more beautiful advice! What really struck me was just how happy he was! He had a brilliant sense of humor, and you could just feel his love. He was just so... happy! And he essentially told us that we ought to be happy too! That we should work hard, enjoy it, stop worrying, and be happy. Definitely advice that I have needed before and continue to need at times ^-^ Serving a mission isn't exactly an easy thing. But it is something to be enjoyed. And that will come when we CHOOSE to enjoy it.
So I'm training! It isn't super hard though, because I have the one and only Elder Hammack! He is from Ogden area, Utah. I mean sure he is disobedient, trunky, and crazy, but it's okay. He jumped on a train once without me and I had to bike after him, but its whatever.

Naw just kidding :) Super fun, very prepared, we have been having a blast! ^-^ Teaching some good people too. We found a guy named Jose that is 16 and trying to turn his life around. We really want to be able to help him. Faith and hard work should do it :) Elder Hammack and I really do get along well, it makes doing the work so much easier when it happens that way.
In case you were all wondering, confidence is as much a gift from God as it is something acquired. In all reality, ANYTHING we want to improve on can come as a gift from God. When you pray at night, do you ask for God to help you change specific things, through Jesus Christ, by His Atonement? Repentance isn't just something we do when we sin, after all. It is a daily course correction. So if you find yourself feeling inadequate or in need to improve in any aspect, just pray for the strength to do it, for the strength to change IN Christ. When we really understand His Atonement, we will understand that He not just forgives us: He changes us. And that happens when we humble ourselves and ask in faith. For that reason, we are taught to "pray always" in the scriptures. If you haven't heard it yet, I would highly recommend the talk by Elder Bednar called "The Enabling Power of the Atonement". It explains it all SO well! :)
I bring that up because God has given me confidence and a brilliant self worth. And for that I am forever grateful ^-^
I have really learned lately to remember faith and love. Faith is a power that cause things to happen. Love is a power that causes hearts to change. Faith and love can change lives. That is how missionaries do it :) The greatest teachers seek to show how what they have helps those they teach. That is love. But to teach in the first place, you must have faith, for if you dont believe you can make a difference, you wont. Do you believe you can make a difference? Do those around you know they love you? And of course, never forget hope. Moroni 7 will explain that better than I can ;)

I hope you all have a great week! Love this Christmas season. It is a wonderful time to live :) This time is a wonderful time to live. The scriptures of multiple nations are before you. You have the plan of God and the guide to return to Him! You know your purpose in life, and you can accomplish that purpose! You can prepare to return to Him! You can be happy. Not always, but usually. If the Gospel doesn't do that for you yet, don't despair. You either don't yet fully understand it or have not yet learned to use it. Keep trying. Go serve. And remember the baby in a manger that caused legions of angels to sing in JOY!!!
I love you all! Have a wonderful week :)
Elder Poulson

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