Monday, January 29, 2018

A Week of Fire and Water

Buenos días family and friends! We are just freezing over here in California! It has dropped to, like, 45 degrees on some days! I had to wear a jacket. It was horrible.

Haha so essentially, Winter isnt real here. It is about 68 degrees right now, the perfect temperature, so I'm not complaining ^-^ Although that doesn't mean this week hasn't been full of fire! Let me give some examples:
- A FIRE interview and district meeting with our Mission President
- I may or may not have put out the fire (pilot light) in our heater while trying to turn it on... 
- Elder Brant and I had a flame of fire in our souls to do the work. Especially Elder Brant. He is a boss ^-^
- Shawn T has our legs on fire from doing P90X Insanity every morning! It really gets your mind going in the morning when you can't think because your legs hurt too much. 

As for the water part, I got to see a bit of the fruits of serving here this week. First of all, Natalie got baptized! Who I taught for a large part of my time in Long Beach West. Elder Hammack baptized here, which was cool to see :) She looked happy, I was happy for her :) Then, for the cherry on top, I got message with two pictures of Diana getting baptized! She was the 9 year old girl I taught in Long Beach. Her family moved to Utah, and there she got baptized! So I am a very grateful missionary right now ^-^

I heard something interesting the other day. "People don't join the church for the doctrine. They join the church for the outcomes of the doctrine." That is so very true. No one cares if we can prove intellectually that we are right. That is what they call "bashing". No, frankly, I am more or less uneducated in biblical and religious history, I don't have the ability to prove this is true. But I don't need to. All I need to do is help people act on the doctrine so that they can feel the results. And it is the same thing in your lives! Yes, learning the doctrine, the teachings, is vital. But even more vital is learning to live the doctrine and enjoy the resultant blessings. That is the whole point of our having the doctrine in the first place: to show us how to obtain the guidance and help we will need in this life in order to be happy and return to God after. True doctrine lived sincerely brings about peace and joy. So go LIVE IT! And quit worrying about the unimportant stuff :) 

I love you all! Two requests: 1. Don't die, and 2. Go make someone else happy. Oh, and also, if you'd like, I would love to hear a bit about how you are doing, even if it is just a couple seconds. Yes, you. So click here if you want: bryan.poulson@myldsmail.net

You all are the best! Have a wonderful week :) 

Elder Poulson

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