Monday, January 22, 2018

Flowing with Milk and Honey... Sort of

Hello mis queridos family and friends!!! I estoy here en Cerritos, speaking Spanglish and loving it :) This Promised Land is pretty good actually. I'll tell you about it in a sec. 

Elder Brant is awesome! Very dedicated missionary, very ready to work. He is only about 3 months out in the mission field, but he is doing well. We are excited to work together in this area :) The ward is in fact pretty promising! A lot of friendly faces, the members are willing to go out with us to teach and visit, which is wonderful ^-^

Life is good. We went and relaxed at an institute building today, it was nice. My ping pong skills are still good ^-^

We have a couple strong investigators here. Monica is the mom of some younger member daughters, she is super close to being baptized, just needs a gentle push. Kevin is a 16 year old friend of that family, we play basketball with him and then teach him. He is great. 

Forgot to finish this! My bad. Gotta go. Love you all bye! 

Elder Poulson

Elder Bry & Elder Brant

Saying Goodbye to members & missionaries before leaving his last area

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