Monday, January 1, 2018

Hectic Holidays

Hello family and friends!

HAPPY HECTIC HOLIDAYS!!! Mine were actually only semi hectic, but it sounds kind of fun to put it that way ^-^

We had a productive week! A lot of people around home, and a lot not. And EVERYONE and their dog is sick, even though out is like 50 degrees at the lowest here. It all worked out though :)

We did make some progress with some new people though! AND we sent out a daily text, and two super old investigators got a hold of us, and one of them we taught twice in one day! (Over the phone) VerĂ³nica is now being taught by the other elders, and it is going great ^-^ Maria de Jesus is also going well. We are going to pray in faith that she gets a Saturday spot in the swap meet so that she can come to church Sunday. Prayers of faith are the substance of this work :)

I spent the week building myself on Christ. It was a wonderful experience I won't soon forget. He loves us. And that is perhaps the most important thing to remember daily. For if He loves us, everything will work out. His love us the only constant there is, and we can always rely on it for worth, strength, and motivation to return to Him and our Father in Heaven :)

I love you all! Set your vision high this year. Read chapter 3 of the teachings of President Hinckley, and with optimism and faith, to have a wonderful year! Shaka :)

Elder Poulson

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