Monday, January 8, 2018

Time Flies on Wings of Lightning

Hey Family and friends! How have you been? :) Good? Good. Glad to hear it. Y'all are the best!  My week, true to the title, flew like lightning! Good though, a good fast. Always a good week on the mission ^-^

We taught Maria a couple more times, and she is growing in faith! She might have changed her swap meet time to Saturday so she can go to Church, keep your fingers crossed ^-^ A man named José is also progressing, he has read the Book of Mormon a lot but has yet to come church. He gets it a lot better now, so we have hopes for him. Natalie has been sick (like hospital sick) and then out of town, but we fully expect her to be baptized the 13th or 20th. She has the desire and testimony, which is just wonderful :)

I repeat what I said the first week here: I am happiest and feel the best when I am teaching people. I can't tell you how, because it takes a LOT of effort to teach, but it is wonderful. The spirit is what makes the difference, I guess :) But missionary work is mentally exhausting, let me tell you! 

Have you ever wondered why Nephi was so spiritually strong? I sure have. I studied it this week. It was based off a couple principles: first, he listened to his father. Then he had desire, which led to faith, humility, diligence, and worthiness. He also prayed quite often. Basic things, but despite being taught them all our lives, do we live them? Do we love them? Do we seek after these things? I feel that if we had a bit more desire, it would all fall into place. So my question for you is: where are your desires? What are you seeking after? What do you truly want? Where is your treasure? And if it's not where it ought to be, seek heavenly aid to change it, by prayer and by study.

Love you all! Have a great week and year and such ^-^

Elder Poulson

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