Monday, February 26, 2018

Cerritos Round 2: Miracles Pending

Hello my wonderful family and friends :) I trust you are all doing well. Elder Brant and I are content here, we are staying together for another six weeks, which is what we wanted. We were afraid they would separate us! We are doing good, hard work here, and aren't quite ready for it to end yet haha :) 

We had a splendid week too! We were able to have a lot of members of our ward come out with us to visit people. It really makes a difference when they come, especially to overcome the cultural barrier and help the person come to church. We have two mostly blind members that have a lot of time, and they both have been working with us and giving us referrals ^-^ It is exciting!

Have you ever pondered on such questions as:

1. What is God's purpose in being a God? 

2. How was Christ able to willingly endure the Atonement for all sins, pains, and weaknesses? 

3. What is the single most important trait for us to possess? 

The answer? 


If you love, you will be happy. 
If you love, you will be loved.  
If you love your kids into obedience, they will be most likely to obey. 
If you love, you will love life. 
If you love, you will enjoy service.
If you love those you lead, and show that love, you will win their undying loyalty. 
If you love God, you will follow His commandments, and you will return to Him and receive eternal happiness.

Love you all :) Have a great week! 

Elder Poulson

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