Monday, February 19, 2018

Finding People to Love!

Did you know that that is what missionaries do? We find people to love! ... Not to love like to marry. Definitely NOT like that haha ;) As in we find people to whom we can give some needed love. And the greatest act of love we could perform is to connect them to Christ by helping them use His Gospel. The fulness of which has been restored to the Earth by God today through a living prophet. "There is no more compelling work than this, nor one that brings greater satisfaction." 

I hope this email finds you all good and well! If not... Well, I expect you'll learn something wonderful from your challenges :) That IS the point of opposition and hard things, after all. I am doing splendid down here with Elder Brant! We are having fun :) We are finding a lot of people to teach, which is wonderful! 

We have been working with some longer-term investigators, like Monica, Benita, and the Family Arredondo, that have one obstacle between them and baptism that they just haven't quite been able overcome yet. We are trying to help them gain the strength to do so. I've been realizing that really, nothing we say will do that. It is the Book of Mormon and other scripture, old and modern, that will push them over the barrier. After all, we are degree-less teenage ministers carrying the greatest religious message in all of history: we aren't chosen for our intellectual ability and wisdom won from experience. We need the spirit and the words of those much wiser in order to help just about anyone. 

Do you trust the wise words of prophets, old and modern? Do they truly hold value to you? Do you copy and paste their words into your own life, your own trials? If not, there isn't much of a point in reading them anyways. Sobering questions, but vital to ask. I ask them to myself, and find myself lacking. Time to repent, I guess (the progressive kind more than the asking forgiveness kind)

Well, lest this become a place I just dump random thoughts, let me tell you a story! Once upon a yesterday, we were talking to a member who was blind for 4 years, and now has VERY limited sight. He opened up to us, and ended up telling us some poetic things. One of my favorites: "The blind see with the heart, because they cannot see by the eyes. So they love everyone as a wonderful person, for they have no way to judge them otherwise."

Gotta go. Love you all! Bye :) 

Elder Poulson

Elder Poulson climbing trees again!! 

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