Monday, February 12, 2018

Let the Holy Spirit Guide... Seriously. Just Follow It

Dearest and most belovedest family and friends,

Well we had perhaps the best week of my mission! A LOT of being guided by the spirit. It has been wonderful! I am Learning how much it puts thoughts into your head that seem like your own thoughts, almost. Often times the feeling comes as the thought enters, so you can know the thought is from the spirit. I love it :) Experience is the way to learn to follow the spirit. 

We have a lot of cool people to work with in this area! We have a baptismal date set for a woman named Hilda, who has a Mormon granddaughter. It is set in March, we will see if we can help her meet it. We also found an older lady, Ramona, who has already been to church many times with her daughter in Idaho and fed many missionaries! She already had a book of Mormon and everything! Super cool :) The Lord sure is good. All the time. 

Elder Brant and I are now doing a ten minute ab attack every night! It is fun! He is super into that stuff, like about every companion I have had, so it is cool. I have even started paying attention to the nutrition and carbs and stuff in my food, which I have never thought to do before. So basically, I will be a bodybuilder by the time I get home. Just thought I would give y'all a heads up in advance ;) 

Spiritual thought of the week? Just... Everything they teach from primary up, the basics... They are so important. Just... Read the scripture! Go to Church! Pray! Take the sacrament! Follow the spirit! Keep the commandments! Attend the temple! They are helps in life, there to support us, to help us keep going! Aught we not to use them? As elder christofferson said, they are like the brass serpent held up among the Israelites, and they needed only to look to be healed. And yet many refused to even look! Just like we often refuse to do simple acts that will heal us. So be faithful, be vigilant, and do what God asks us to so that he is ABLE to bless us. 

Well I sure love you all. Have a great week! 

Elder Poulson

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