Monday, February 5, 2018

Let the Holy Spirit Guide

Goooood afternoon family and friends and associates! I hope you are doing well today. And yesterday. And everyday! I'm feeling pretty great. P days as a missionary are a blast if you do them right. They must consist of:
- Good but approved music
- A really good laugh
- Some sort of food you don't usually eat
- Other Missionaries
- A piano
- A sport
- A game other than a sport
- A song to put you back into missionary mode

ANYWAYS. Great week, this one was! Me and Elder Brant are just listening to some gospel themed country music on our way home. We had some amazing spiritual experiences with finding and teaching people at the right times. We have been trying to show more love for our investigators. Always trying to improve on the mission ^-^

Elder Brant will randomly just start yelling about something slightly annoying to him in an unexpectedly super loud voice, half jokingly, and it gets us other missionaries every time! It is so funny! XD

Spiritual thought of the week? I was able to go confirm Natalie this week, which was great, albeit nerve-racking. As I took the sacrament afterwards, I remembered something I recently read on LDS.org. Three suggestions of what to do during the sacrament:

  1. Remember Jesus Christ:Read scriptures about how the Savior served and showed love toward others. How do you feel His love? How can you serve and show love toward others like the Savior did?
  2. Remember what you need to do better: Reflect on your past week with a repentant heart. Choose one thing you can change, and write down how you’ll make that improvement. Put your goal somewhere you’ll see it often.
  3. Remember the progress you are making: Ask God to help you see the good progress you’re making. Record how you feel.
We aren’t perfect, but the Savior knows that. That’s why He asks us to remember Him. Remembering Him gives us hope and helps us want to improve. Even at times when we fail to remember Him, President Eyring says, “He always remembers you.”
It worked well for me. Maybe you could give it a try: it might work for you ^-^
I also love a quote by President Monson (Ps read his memoir it is fantastic, especially the teachings section.) 

First, learn what we should learn.
Second, do what we should do.
And third, be what we should be
I love you all! Have a wonderful week :) 
Elder Poulson
We think this is Elder Bry with Natalie at her confirmation.

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